UN:LIMITED iMagazine

The UN:LIMITED is an Interactive Fashion and Art magazine. Dedicated to the unlimited possibilities of Interactive Publishing, while pushing the limits of creativity for new ways of experiencing fashion and art, by working close with image makers and story tellers delivering a unique and engaging content that triggers more of the readers senses.

Exclusive for tablets without a printed sibling, UN:LIMITED is free to fully explore the possibilities of this new medium. Fashion and art can be experienced in new exciting ways different from the conventions of print media. The fact that the iPad is a tactile medium, one which is navigated through touch, brings a different experience and lets the reader interact with the visible content.

Editor: Karin Bar
Creative & Interactive Direction: Ofir Kedmi
Fashion Direction: Samuel Zakuto
Contributors: David Armstrong, Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader, Kevin Amato, Prince Homme, Alajandro Brito, Weston Wells, Lee Oliveira, Gevin Thomas, Hiro Kimura, Maximilian Rossner, Greg Vaughan, Samuel Zakuto, Dana Levy, Minjae Lee, Ido Izsak, Itzik vakil and Shira Barzilay.

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