Israeli Cinema Testimonies Database

A wide-ranging documentary project, which was founded in 2006 by filmmakers Mart Parkhomovsky and Avital Beckerman to document the history of Israeli cinema filmed through dozens of interviews with key personnel in its history. Interviews, lengths range from one hour to 18 hours, deal with detailed professional biography of the people, who tell the story in the first person of filmmaking in Israel from different angles.

The website aim is to allow easy access to all the interviews. You can use the database in three ways. By watching the full interviews, by searching for information about movie titles (mentioned in the interviews) or by following “paths” set for you by the site creators about general topics of interest in the history of Israeli cinema. In the last two options the site will automatically combining the relevant parts from each interview and present you with a full customized video.

Work included: Concept realization, UX, UI & Design

Coding by: Klido

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